Saba Azad Slams “Patriarchal Mind set” after not Receiving the Voice over Work Due to Her Dating

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Saba Azad put out a series of stories on her social media handle to narrate a story of her losing out on her voice over job because of whom she was dating.

Hrithik Roshan and Saba Azad have been dating for quite some time. These two are going strong in their relationship and have never shied away from showering love on each another.

But the actress’s recent posts on her social media handle hints about not getting voice over work for past two years. She posted that, “Are we really…….in….dark ages where we assume a woman in…..relationship with successful partner no longer has to put food on her….table??”.

She also spoke about how a director felt that since she was dating a rich, successful actor, she might not need to work. The Rocket Boys actress made her stand clear about still wanting to do what she loves irrespective of her relationship status.        

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